The Duckfeed Spring 2017 Survey
Thank you for helping us out! The information you provide in the upcoming questions will really help us make some decisions about what to do with the network. This shouldn't take long to complete at all.

If you want to enter the drawing for the Steam gift cards, please pay extra attention to the last two questions.
Do you currently support Duckfeed on Patreon? *

We are listener supported at

If you're a patron, how much do you give per month? *

Which currently running shows do you listen to frequently? *

Frequently is "more than twice a month" for weekly shows (Abject Suffering, the Level, etc), more than once a month for bimonthly shows (WOFF!, Bonfireside Chat, Teenage Dirtbags, etc).

In light of our decision to retire Bonfireside Chat and replace it with more Watch Out for Fireballs!, are you likely to reduce or elimininate your Patreon contribution? *

Please refer to for more information on this. Future Soulsborne games will be covered on Watch Out for Fireballs!

If you are not currently a patron, what could we do or offer to make backing us more attractive to you?

What milestone goals or reward tiers would get you excited about our Patreon campaign?

This is optional. We want to hear your ideas.
What city, state, and country do you live in?

For the purposes of planning future live shows or convention appearances.
Do you want to enter to win a $20 Steam gift card?

Answer yes or no, and please provide your email address in the next question. We will randomly give out three (3) $20 Steam gift cards.

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